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    For all our friends and family who have lots of questions, please check out our Q & A first!

    The first set of proposals matching the persons details are dispatched within ten days of obtaining membership. The process of cross-profiling and matching is an on-going activity. Therefore, as and when the details of any two registered members fulfill the requirements of each other, the details are sent correspondingly.

    The values mentioned are subjective. The perception, of each individual towards these values differs. It depends upon his/her mental make up, educational, family and social upbringing and a number of other factors. Keeping all these factors in mind our membership forms have a large number of options so that each registered member can make an appropriate selection.

    Marriage is a very important and sensitive issue. The selection of a life partner has to be made very carefully. There are a number of criterions one can base his/her match on. The applicants can mention these in a very well defined and laid out application form. This helps the applicant to outline the details of the kind of person they are looking for. Space is also provided in the form to enter any other criteria not mentioned in the form. The company does not make any recommendations regarding choice of candidates. This being left to the individuals. We do not interfere with decision making of the individuals.

    The registration charge for the membership is valid for one year. Extendable up to two years depending on the number of options given. We also require members to confirm after one year that they are still unmarried so that the services are available to them. but why to think of waiting even for one year lets pray that it should be done within minimum time

    We do not send original photograph of the member only the scanned photo is given to give fair idea of the prospective bride/groom. the original photograph remains in the office and returned back once the match is finalized.

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