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The secret to having a good marriage is to understand that marriage must be total

it must be permanent, and it must be equal.

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Welcome to the oldest and only existing Hamsafar matrimonial Services for premium class of people.
We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading matrimonial services of India HAMSAFAR is a professionally managed matrimonial company, catering to the matrimonial requirements of a large number of people in India and abroad since 1978 maintaining a very large data base of marriage prospects. Managed by a dedicated team operating in harmony to deliver the best and get as many people together as possible. To provide personalized services to the different sections of the society.

So. to find perfect partner we have started Hamsafar Matrimonial Services. Hamsafar has adopted a unique Online + Offline mode to locate the most suitable match for you by employing all the boons of the latest computer technology, Print and personal contacts.

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Our Ventures

Browse our all areas where you need our specialized services.

  • Hamsafar Event Management

    We do provide an event management service to our associated hamsafar family members

  • Hamsafar Astro Services

    We also help out our customers with specialized Astro services.

  • Hamsafar Marraige Registration

    We also offer explicit dedicated marriage registrations.

  • After Marriage Name Change Process

    We also provide after marriage name change process.

  • Hamsafar Advertising Agency

    We have a dedicated Hamsafar Advertising Agency for advertising services.

What makes Us different?

  • Our personalized services make every client find themselves as a member of the Hamsafar family.
  • Client’s safety is considered the topmost priority. Hence, advanced security measures and privacy control method is used to ensure complete safety and confidentiality.

Our Features

  • To ensure a 100% success rate in the form of helping clients find their perfect match.we meet the matches personally

  • 45 years in matrimonial matchmaking and decades of experience in the service industry with client satisfaction make them the no.1 choice.

  • Our database of very selective very high profiles , industrialist,royal families

  • Hamsafar works like a family matchmaker who gets involved in shortlisting, verifying, and arranging meetings for candidate to find the perfect life partner.

  • We cater to only very high status business families,royal, aristocratic, industrialist celebrities, foreigners from India, USA, UK, Germany, Dubai and Australia and people from all over the world.


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For all our family who have lots of questions, please check out our Q & A first!

The first set of proposals matching the persons details are dispatched within ten days of obtaining membership. The process of cross-profiling and matching is an on-going activity. Therefore, as and when the details of any two registered members fulfill the requirements of each other, the details are sent correspondingly.

The values mentioned are subjective. The perception, of each individual towards these values differs. It depends upon his/her mental make up, educational, family and social upbringing and a number of other factors. Keeping all these factors in mind our membership forms have a large number of options so that each registered member can make an appropriate selection.

Marriage is a very important and sensitive issue. The selection of a life partner has to be made very carefully. There are a number of criterions one can base his/her match on. The applicants can mention these in a very well defined and laid out application form. This helps the applicant to outline the details of the kind of person they are looking for. Space is also provided in the form to enter any other criteria not mentioned in the form. The company does not make any recommendations regarding choice of candidates. This being left to the individuals. We do not interfere with decision making of the individuals.

The registration charge for the membership is valid for one year. Extendable up to two years depending on the number of options given. We also require members to confirm after one year that they are still unmarried so that the services are available to them. but why to think of waiting even for one year lets pray that it should be done within minimum time

We do not send original photograph of the member only the scanned photo is given to give fair idea of the prospective bride/groom. the original photograph remains in the office and returned back once the match is finalized.

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